Dove's Nest BnB Website

Built for a local bed and breakfast; the Dove's Nest BnB.The site includes a dynamic map linked from google maps and pages for the different rooms and a page for local tourism. The logo is my own design as well. They were very impressed with the results.

Portfolio 2013

This is my previous portfolio site. There are four trigger points on the face that lead to different parts of the site and play wacky animations. I eventually decided I wanted something a little more inviting and a little less frightening

Portfolio 2012

This is another portfolio I designed. Another wacky creepy design with animation. Building this site taught me a lot about css 3 and html 5.

Video Database

This is a database site designed for organizing your video collection. The site is built on top of cakephp.

Family Resource Center

This is a website built for fictional non-profit organization. It's a full featured website with a dynamic calendar function built on top of Drupal.