Doves Nest Bed and Breakfast

Website built for local bed and breakfast.

Family Resource Center

A Drupal powered website built for a fictional non-profit organization.

Old Portfolio Site

My previous portfolio site. Click the image to have a look at the complete site. I learned a lot about CSS building this site. The site is also completely responsive with seperate designs for tablets and phones. The tongue wiggles and the letters dance!

Video Database

A movie and TV collection/catalog site built on cakephp.

Friendly Pizza

A fictional pizza restaurant site built on drupal with a customized version of the stark theme.

Test Website

A test website built to practice html 5 and css 3.
Live site for viewing animations


Fictional music festival website built for a term project.

Jason Dove's Portfolio: Web Design.
I've been building and designing websites since I got my first computer in 2001. This page is a list of my most significant web design accomplishments.